In the new home, in Germany and Europe, the former residents of Sadad want to keep the memories and traditions alive and to help and support each other in the integration into the societies of the new places of residence. To support this work, this association was founded.

Social Assistance

support people through providing them with different needs

Financial aids

finance solutions which help people with all their needs in various fields


designed to develop our aramaic villages through implementation of activities and projects

The Story Of Association

collect the necessary donations to help the people of the aramaic villages in Syria

Association of the aramaic Sadad in Germany and Europe

The association Founded in 17.09.2016 in Bochum city in Germany by Aramaic villages in the European countries, the Association of aramaicVillages in Germany and Europe aims to raise the necessary funds to help the Aramaic villages in Syria. They are also engaged in excavation, excavation, viraoza and zaidal. The financial support also provides a number of developmental, service, medical and environmental projects that serve People and provide them with the foundations of survival and contribute to the growth of villages in various fields.

The Aramaic villages consist of five villages: Sadad, Alhafar, Fairouzeh, Zaidal and Fhaylah. where some of the inhabitants still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.

Sadad is situated 60 km south of the Syrian city center of Homs and about 100 km northeast of Damascus. It dates back to the second millennium BC, as mentioned in two books of the Old Testament books in Ezekiel 47:15 and Numbers 34:8

Ezekiel 47:15

“This shall be the boundary of the land: On the north side, from the Great Sea by way of Hethlon to Lebo-hamath, and on to Sadad”

Numbers 34:8

“From Mount Hor you shall draw a line to Lebo-hamath, and the limit of the border shall be at Sadad.”

Sadad bears also a great historical importance and has many archaeological monuments such as a temple of idolatry that attributes to the Aramean god and the village includes 14 churches where some of its inhabitants still speak Aramaic the language of Jesus Christ.

In October 2013, armed groups attacked a town that besieged a large number of its inhabitants and forced its inhabitants to flee massively and flee to various places. Surrounding the village to continue rounds of small battles over the next few months.

After the battle, the bodies of 46 civilians, including 15 women, were found. What happened inside the village was the massacre. Thirty people were found dead in two mass graves, while another 10 civilians were missing and the extremist Christian fighters inside the village were damaged. Many on infrastructure.

Support us

Help us with our work in general to support our own projects in aramic villages. The decision, which projects and activities will be financed directly will be made by the board of the association.