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Election of the Board of Directors

The Members of the Association of aramic Sadad met in the city of Gronau in Germany on 19.05.2018 and at this meeting according to the rules of procedure of the memmbers elected the board of directors of the Assembly of the following:

  • Chairman of the Board: Saadallah Barakat
  • Representative: Dr. Saker Ishak and Waleed Awel
  • secretary: Dr. Wael Assaf
  • Treasurer: Raji Aweel
  • Assessor: Inaam Farah, Alaa Sukker, Imad Kharma, Milad Alkhalil, Nidal Iskandar and Saeed Alnajjar
  • Cash auditor: Elia Safar and George Alissa

In addition to elect representatives of the Association in various European countries:

  • representative in Austria: Hosam Awel
  • representative in Belgium: Eid Abdallatif
  • representative in United Kingdom: Fadel Alissa

The Representatives of other European countries will be appointed later.

The elected Board met on the following day 20.05.2018 in the presence of  Dr. Abdallah Barakat and George Haroun to discuss the plans and the working mechanism.